Every phone system is set differently based upon the customer needs.  These instructions MIGHT help you if you need to update your auto attendant greetings on the InMail Unified Messaging System.

It is highly recommended that you type out your script first.  If you are changing options, you will need to have CST make those changes for you or your options may not work correctly.

Please note that all systems are customized to your business's needs and these instructions may vary.

  1. Pick up the handset of your phone
  2. Dial the voice mail extension number (typically 300 or 3000)
  3. When the voice mail system answers you will be asked to enter a mailbox.  Enter the general mailbox number (typically 199 or 1999)
  4. If asked for a password/security code enter the code for your general mailbox
  5. At the main mailbox menu, dial 72 (System Administration)
  6. Choose option 4 (Greetings)
  7. You will be asked to enter a mailbox/greeting number, choose from the following
    1. 001 - Day Greeting
    2. 002 - Night Greeting
    3. 008 - Holiday Greeting
  8. Press 5 to listen to the existing greeting or press 7 to record over the old greeting.
  9. Record after the tone and press the # key when finished.
  10. You can listen to the greeting or re-record it when you are done
  11. Hang up the handset when you are done.