"The Mailbox Announcement Message is a message, recorded by the System Administrator, that plays to

each subscriber when they log onto their mailbox. The message will play at each log on until it expires, is

deleted, or made inactive by the System Administrator."

There may be a time someone inadvertently turns on the Mailbox Announcement Message.  You will know this has happened when you log into your mailbox and hear a long greeting that sounds like the main outgoing greeting.  To turn this off do the following:

  1. Log into the administrator mailbox
    1. Dial the Voice Mail pilot number (i.e. 300, 3000, 800 or 8000)
    2. When the voice mail system answers, you will be asked to enter your mailbox number.
    3. Enter the administrator mailbox (i.e. 199)
    4. At the main mailbox menu, enter 72 (SystemAdministrator)
    5. Press 3 (Mailbox Announcement Message Menu)
      1. Press 3 to Delete the message
      2. Press 5 to Listen to the message
      3. Press 7 to Record the message
        1. Follow the prompts after this to record a message