Please note that these instructions are for the most common of scenarios.  Your configuration may require additional programming or information.  If these steps do not work, please consult your installing NEC vendor.

  • You must have a security code on the mailbox you are trying to access remotely.  This will need to be set while in your office.  Failure to setup a security code will block you from remotely checking voicemail.

    1. Log into the mailbox you want to check remotely

    2. Dial 677

    3. Enter a four digit security code (do not use: 0000, 1111, or 1234)

    4. Press 6

    5. Hang up

  • Checking Voice Mail Remotely

    1. Dial a phone number answered by your voice mail

    2. When voice mail answers, enter # plus the mailbox you want to check 

    3. Enter the security code you created.
    4. Follow the prompts to check messages